Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jesus is Lord!

It doesn't really matter what we go through in life, the joy is in knowing who is Lord over your life. God is so gracious and no matter how difficult a situation is, He is faithful and will see you through it. When Joseph was being sold out by his brothers, he would never have known that things would have turned out the way they did. God had a bigger plan and as much as the brothers would have wanted to do away with Him, God was present in that difficult situation. He was watching over Joseph, He was giving Him strength to go on and no wonder he had so much love towards his brothers despite all that they did.

What are you facing now? What's your hurdle? God is right there, he is ever present with us, He has promised us to never leave us nor forsake us. He is God and He will glorify Himself in your situation in the end. Its not over yet. Thanks be to God who causes us to triumph! In everything, He will show Himself faithful!

That's Our God. That's our Savior! He is Lord over every situation!
Ref: Gen.37:12-31, 2 Cor.2:14, 1 Thes.5:18

Back to School!

Its been quite a while since i had the opportunity to post something on Pulsewire....I feel like I've been on a roller coaster..too much happening in my life. I have had to make some tough decisions lately which have sort of altered my schedule in so many ways.

I have always wanted to go back to school to do my Masters. I completed my Bachelors about 9 years ago and i have longed for the opportunity to do Masters but didn't have the money, and also put it off for a while to raise my children at least the first few years. As a mother you sacrifice too much because you don't want your family to suffer at the expense of your desires.
Finally, time has come, i began my EMBA this week on Monday. Its a 1 year program so the schedule is tight, i go for classes Monday to Wednesday from 5:00 to 9:00 pm. When i got my letter of Admission, it was like a dream, i couldn't believe it! I'm so excited about going back to school and i thank God for the opportunity! The sad thing is that when i get home around 9:30 or 10:00pm, my children are asleep and i don't get to pray with them or talk to them about how the day was. It really breaks my heart, so i have tried to do this every morning, wake them up early so that we can pray together and talk before i leave for work at 6:30am. In all things, I'm thankful and i can't complain. I know God's grace is sufficient and i indeed look forward for graduation in December next year already!

I'm planning to major in HR which begins in the 2nd Semester. In the meantime, i need to come up with a topic for my research paper in the next one week. I therefore request, if there's a sister out there who has some ideas of a research problem in HR, especially in an NGO setting, or in any area, please share with me, help me out! I appreciate you all and thank God for the space to share.
If you are looking forward to go back to school, its never too late and it will come to pass, just keep on believing.